Like an image out of a Norman Rockwell painting, Main Street Fredericksburg was adorned with Billie fans last week as the town escorted the Lady Billie Softball team down the road to the State Tournament in Austin! Fire and EMS sounded their horns and flashed their lights, on-lookers waived their poms and flags, cheers were sung, and pride was high. A tourist even asked, “Do y’all have a parade every week in Fredericksburg?”

While the ladies didn’t receive the outcome they were looking for, we congratulate them on this huge accomplishment! Speaking of accomplishments, we also want to congratulate the students who recently graduated from Fredericksburg, Harper, and the surrounding communities. We wish you blessings as you move forward with your next endeavor!

Community pride is just one of the many reasons we have chosen Fredericksburg as our home. Mark your calendars for these upcoming community celebrations:
  • June 20-22 – 58th Annual Stonewall Peach JAMBoree & Rodeo
  • July 4 – July 4th Community Parade & Patriotic Program
  • July 4 – City of Fredericksburg Fireworks Display
  • July 20 – Night in Old Fredericksburg
  • August 22-25 – 131st Annual Gillespie County Fair
  • August 23 – Gillespie County Fair Parade
Happy summer!

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Did Your Taxes Go Up This Year?
Generally speaking, most homes in Fredericksburg saw an increase this year in appraised value, thus increasing your property taxes. It’s important to be proactive in situations like this and protest as you see fit. Unless your home has seen recent upgrades or you have completed a remodel, chances are you will have success in lowering your appraised value if you work with the local appraisal district and their board. We have some helpful tips to help get you started:
  1. Research other similar properties on the appraisal district website to see if your property is comparable to others. If you can find properties with similar size and condition, then those values and help determine the appraised value of your home.
  2. Photos – photograph the condition of your home. If it is not in line with the value of the property, you may have a case for a lowered appraised value.
  3. Other diverse conditions – what else is happening in the neighborhood that affects your value? Do you live on a busy street? Have conditions changed with a neighboring property that affects your home? Record that information and provide to the appraisal district.
  4. Being silent won’t help build a case for lowering your appraised value, but neither does arguing. Building a strong case with helpful information about your property and creating a file of documentation will most likely warrant a positive response!
To file your protest, visit here to find the correct forms and filing instructions. Last day to file is June 14th!

Historic District Update

Monday, June 3rd, the City of Fredericksburg City Council was set to vote on the proposed expansion to the City’s historic district along with the addition of certain properties that held significant historical value. Various public comments were made for and against the new proposal. The School Board for the City of Fredericksburg asked that the Council reconsider including the Middle School building in the footprint. Additionally, other significant properties were asking to be excluded as it adversely affects their business. The Council decided to table the vote to address these items. The Council will meet for a special Council meeting on June 17th at 6:00 pm at the Law Enforcement Center, 1601 E. Main St.
Stage 3 Water Conservation Measures
Stage 3 Schedule & Regulations.
All of Stage 2 Requirements shall remain in effect during Stage 3.
Click here to learn more!
Next Relief Route Open House Planned for End of July
Join the City of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County, acting through the Gillespie County Relief Route Task Force with support from the Texas Department of Transportation, for the next public workshop to share information and receive community input about the Fredericksburg Relief Route Study. This open house is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 30th, from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., at the Farm Bureau Building located at 237 Equestrian Drive.

The potential route would relieve traffic and improve mobility in downtown Fredericksburg by giving people the option to travel around, rather than directly through, the city.

Local Events

  • Thursday’s 4-7 PM.
    The summer market runs April 18- August 22 at Marktplatz.
  • 58th Annual Stonewall Peach JAMboree and Rodeo
    Jun 20 2019 to Jun 22 2019
    Stone Wall Texas
  • Food Truck Festival in Luckenbach Texas
    Jun 29 2019 to Jun 29 2019
    Luckenbach Texas

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